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  JYT Calcium Silicate Board and Pipe Cover high temperature insulation is manufactured using an industry preferred filter press method which provides accurate
dimensional tolerances and superior compressive and flexural strength.
These attributes facilitate installation and provide exceptional resistance to mechanical abuse.
JYT calcium silicate insulation is asbestos free and meets or exceeds all of the requirements of ASTM C 533, Type I.
  JYT calcium silicate insulation is recommended for use on equipment and piping operating at temperatures from ambient to indoors and protected outdoors up to 650℃. It is ideally suited for industrial use in areas such as
the petrochemical and power generating industries where energy conservation, process control, personal protection and fire protection are prerequisites.
  JYT calcium silicate board and pipe cover insulation are available.
  Calcium Silicate Pipe Cover
  Length: 600mm
Diameter: half~36 inches (22~942mm)
Thickness: 1~3 inches (25~75mm)
  Calcium Silicate Board
  Length: 600mm
Width: 150/300mm
Thickness: 1~3 inches (25~75mm)
  Other Type available
  - Service Temperature: 1,100 ℃
- Density: 130~150kg/m3
- Other sizes available upon request
Description Unit ASTM C533 KS L9101 JYT Calcium Silicate
Ave. Density (Dry)
(ASTM C302)
Kg/m3 Max.240 Max.220 Max.220
Compressive Strength
(ASTM C165)
MPa Min.0.688 - Min.0.688
Thermal Conductivity
(ASTM C177)
W/mK Max.0.065 Max.0.062 Max.0.060
Flexural Strength
(ASTM C203)
MPa Min.0.344 Min.0.300 Min.0.350
Tumbling Friability
(ASTM C421)
After 1st 10 minute Max.20% - Max.10%
After 2nd 10 minute Max.40% - Max.20%
Linear Shrinkage
(ASTM C356)
% Max.2 Max.2 Max.2
Service Temperature
(ASTM C411)
Max.650 Max.650 Max.650